System randomly becomes unresponsive

My system is an 8-core Intel I9 with 32 GB of RAM.

I am running Fedora 6.3.8-200.fc38.x86_64

I update the machine pretty much every day.

My system has repeatedly become unresponsive.

The display remains on and normal looking.

The mouse tracks the screen pointer correctly.

Nothing else works. No mouse clicks or keyboard actions do anything.

I was unable to ssh into the machine from another machine. It told
me no route to host.

Once rebooted, the machine works normally and I can ssh into it just fine.

This has been occurring about once per day.

When it reboots, I have been doing dmesg >xx
I do not see anything that look suspicious.

I have been using Fedora for a few years now. This problem has
existed since the last few kernel updates.

What steps do you recommend I perform in order to resolve this issue?

Thank you!

I ran a serious memory test and stress test on my system and they both passed just fine.

You’ll want to view logs from previous boots to find anything.

journalctl --list-boots
journalctl -b -1 # previous boot (current is 0)
journalctl -b -1 -k # only kernel messages (dmesg) from previous boot

Thanks, but I do not see anything meaningful. Additionally, the problem seems to have gotten worse. Now, whenever I start up IntelliJ the system freezes and auto-reboots in about 30 seconds. It might be that there is not enough time to add a log entry.

For what it is worth, I’m uploading one of the log files.logfile