System freeze after Firefox stop working

I have a strange issue with the latest update from Fedora 33,first the firefox stop to respond,I force quit and when I try to restart Firefox my system freeze,only can reboot from power button.Someone have the same issues?

I think this might be a problem with the newly-enabled hardware acceleration features in Firefox. Can you give more details about your hardware?

CPU: Quad Core Intel Core i5-8250U with video integrated UHD620

I have occasional Firefox freezes as well, it will not respond for maybe half a minute at a time or so. It only affects Firefox and I can continue doing other stuff.

the issue began today after upgrade,happens 2 time…now is seemstto be all ok but I not understand what the isse was.

Try disabling hardware acceleration as described here:

(Ignore the part about “WindowBlinds”).

thank you,now I disabled hardware acceleration ,will see when the issue appear again or not.
Firefox received today update and until now all is ok(with HA)

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