System Crashes with error in log

so basically my system has been crashing , it just reboots on its own , only happens when im playing a game so i suspect it is because of some graphics card driver issue or something along that line . Ive tried my best to find a solution on google but no luck sadly , i cant figure out whats causing this and will greatly appreciate any help . THANKS !!

Start with providing us the list of your hardware
inxi -b

Do you overclock? Maybe overheating, or a power supply too weak? Any message in system logs?

ive been monitoring the temps when im playing games , they seem normal , and no i am not overclocking anything , also my power supply is preety good , its a corsair rm650 .

Heres a ss of the logs .

Well i havent faced this problem since ive posted here . But yesterday it happened like 3 times in the span of like 2 hours .

You have a Hardware error report. This is not normal.
Google for it in order to find out more info.
Try to see if others with similar hardware have the same problem.
Start checking your hardware, with memtest86 and the latest memtest86+.