/sys/class/thermal/ not populated on Pi4

When attempting to reference /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp to determine the temperature of my Raspberry Pi 4 on Fedora 37, that path isn’t available. I added bcm2835_thermal to autoload (bcm2711_thermal had already loaded), but that hasn’t helped.

I do see this in dmesg:

[   19.917444] thermal_sys: Failed to find 'trips' node
[   19.917465] thermal_sys: Failed to find trip points for thermal id=0
[   19.917484] bcm2711_thermal fd5d2000.avs-monitor:thermal: could not register sensor: -22
[   19.917497] bcm2711_thermal: probe of fd5d2000.avs-monitor:thermal failed with error -22

Running kernel 6.1.13-200.fc37.aarch64.

Resolved in Fedora 38.

Did you change anything? There is still nothing under /sys/class/thermal/ for my Pi4.