Switching monitors resets display positions

Switching monitors (using Super + P) resets display positions!

Scenario (all of this is done in Gnome settings):

  1. I setup my laptop vertically aligned to my 2 horizontal monitors.
  2. My 2 external monitors are horizontally aligned and tagged as “2” and “3” respectively. (laptop monitor is tagged as “1”. Monitor “2” is set to “primary display”)
  3. I press Super + P to switch to “external displays” mode.
  4. I expect screen “2” to stay as my primary screen and also stay on the “left” side of screen “3” in Gnome display settings (see step #2)
  5. What I see is that display “2” and “3” have swapped places (meaning display “2” is now on the “right” side of display “3”)
  6. BONUS ISSUE: My monitors have 144hz refresh rate and my laptop screen has 60HZ. Every time I switch displays, all screens reset back to 60HZ (meaning the external monitors won’t keep the 144hz and I have to manually reset the refresh rate)