Switching keyboard layout lags

I have added Thai keyboard and used grave accent key to switch English and Thai language.

Hitting grave accent key made switching lags and it has a popup displays:

How can such popup be disabled and switching be faster ?

I’ve got the default “super + space” short cut here to cycle between input methods. If I just hit super + space quickly, I do not see this pop up but the input method does change (I can see it changing in the top panel on the right hand side). If I keep super pressed after hitting space, it does—since it shows me all my input methods and lets me cycle through them like a window-switcher.

Also, I note that even though I have 4 input methods, just quickly hitting super + space toggles between the two most recently used ones.

So, try just hitting your short cut key and then continuing to type, and see how that goes?


Default Super+Space also shows popup but disappears immediately, but toggle does not lag.
In the past I used only a key, Right Super, it was quick, has no popup.
This is because I reinstalled Fedora 34 and I forgot how to bring back Right Super key for switching.
Can you please help ?

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I would assume it’s using the Keyboard shortcut settings? (I don’t have a right super key here myself.)

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I just thought of it, Tweaks.

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