Switching Keyboard Layout Before Login

Using up-to-date Fedora KDE, I’ve been unable to switch my layout to Dvorak so that it can be used prior to login. Dvorak is one of the layouts that can be selected after login (and works properly after), but not before logging in. I’ve experienced this on DELL, HP and Lenova laptops.

IIRC, it USED to be one of the available selections that worked appropriately before logging in, but that hasn’t been the case for quite a while. It’s the dictionary definition of frustrating for those of us who touch type but use something other than the QWERTY keyboard.

Because Fedora, KDE and the laptop manufacturers are all potentially involved I’m unsure where to point the finger of blame (and my hit-man wants to know soon).

Is there any way to resolve this and return to the former log-in keyboard selection availability list?

While I do not know the answer to your specific question, I do know that there have been threads concerning using LUKS and the fact that the password entry for luks seems to expect a QWERTY keyboard entry. Maybe this is interrelated?

Hummm… This sounds like a distinct possibility, Jeff V. I’ll look into it best I can.