Swap Partition on Fedora 35

I have needed to create a new SWAP partition on a seperate Disk.
All created and created as linux-swap and lsblk recognises it as a SWAP
But do I need to load this into fstab file to load it and get the system to use it ?
Sorry if I am being Stupid…
Thanks in advance…

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Foremost, there are no stupid questions.

Secondly, you need to enable the swap either using a fstab entry like:

/newswap    swap    swap   defaults 0 0

Or with the swapon command.

For the correct use, I suggest the ArchWiki article.

Hope this was helpful. :smile:

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Thank you for that, I’ll lok into the swapon commands

Finaly ot around to finishin g this this morning and now all working perfectly…THANK YOU again and as soon as I get some spare Cash, I’ll make another donation tot he Linux fund, as we all should when we get help from the community
Thanks again

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