Copr repo for experimenting with repackaging Lazarus by splitting the package into multiple smaller packages.

The current split is as follows:

  • lazarus - meta-package, does not actually contain any files
  • lazarus-doc - documentation
  • lazarus-ide - the IDE, compiled with GTK2 widgetset (TODO: add more versions)
  • lazarus-tools - command-line tools distributed with Lazarus, like lazbuild
  • lazarus-lcl - base components for the Lazarus Component Library
  • lazarus-lcl-nogui - components for non-graphical applications (dubious usefulness - may make more sense to fold back into lazarus-lcl)
  • lazarus-lcl-gtk2 - support for GTK2 widgetset
  • lazarus-lcl-gtk3 - support for GTK3 widgetset
  • lazarus-lcl-qt - support for Qt4 widgetset
  • lazarus-lcl-qt5 - support for Qt5 widgetset

Installation Instructions

Installing the lazarus meta-package will pull in the following sub-packages:

  • lazarus-ide
  • lazarus-tools
  • lazarus-lcl
  • lazarus-lcl-nogui
  • lazarus-lcl-gtk

This makes installing the meta-package from this Copr functionally identical to what you'd get by installing lazarus from the current Fedora repo.

Installing extra wigsetsets

To enable support for extra widget sets, install one of the lazarus-lcl-* packages. They should pull in the required libraries.

Minimal Lazarus install for automated builds

To get a minimal Lazarus install - e.g. for building dependent packages - instead of the main lazarus meta-package, you can BuildRequire the following:

  • lazarus-tools - for lazbuild
  • lazarus-lcl - for LCL common parts
  • lazarus-lcl-nogui - may not be required, depending on the program
  • lazarus-lcl-gtk2 - GTK2 is the default, but you could use a different widgetset if you so desire

Active Releases

The following unofficial repositories are provided as-is by owner of this project. Contact the owner directly for bugs or issues (IE: not bugzilla).

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