Suspend issue with chrome and citrix

Hey all, i’m troubleshooting a strange suspend issue, my laptop power settings are pretty much turned off now, eg. no suspend/poweroff when idle, running the standard gnome DE.

My laptop runs fine through the weekend, or after work hours, which leads me to suspect that somehow chrome and citrix put my laptop into suspend, worse than that, the laptop does not come out of suspend and has to be forced off which is super annoying! If I manually suspend the laptop it seems okay.

It seems unikley, but I suspect when the citrix session suspends when idle, it also puts my whole laptop into this state… this really should not happen! I’m still zeroing in on this and will run some tests after work… but this is the one constant thing i’ve noticed everytime it goes into this state.

Has anyone else noticed this ?

This is on Fedora 35 on AMD hardware from SLIMBOOK.
Base Board Information
Manufacturer: SLIMBOOK
Product Name: PROX15-AMD

I’d appreciate any suggestions on things to check :slight_smile:


Since citrix is not a package that is part of the fedora repos it really does not surprise me that it may have issues.

Where did you download/install that app from?
Does their documentation show that it should work on fedora 35?

There are several notes on the citrix page here that specifically note some of the software in fedora 35.

Evaluate what they say and what fedora 35 has then you can see if it should or should not work properly.

Hey, thanks for your response.

Yeah, it gets weirder than that, i login to a citrix gateway via the Chrome browser and have no additional citrix packages installed… which means somehow through the web browser the citrix site is suspending / crashing my laptop… which really should not be possible. The citrix things work fine… unless i go idle for an extended period, then my laptop locks up… it seems suspended though.

I’ll log into work this weekend and let it idle a few times to see what logs can be captured, but who knows… maybe there’s an interesting chrome bug to dig out!


I’m not sure, but there are known issue recently with AMD APU integrated GPU having problem with suspend. It’s mostly fix on Fedora kernel 5.15.16 that recently pushed to stable release. You can check the update, if it already available to your near mirror server.

Above I assumed your system is this. Slimbook with AMD Ryzen 7 4800 H.