Surround 4.0 Sound Profile does not output any sound

My device has 4 sound profiles, 2 of which uses Surround 4.0 Output. The “analogue stereo” input and output works perfectly fine, but when switching to Surround 4.0 output, the profile produces no sound whatsoever.

When testing the Surround 4.0 Output profile, the 2 front speakers does not output any sound, but the 2 rear speakers does output sound. Playing sounds normally however, doesn’t produce any sound at all. How can I fix this?

For context, I’m using Fedora 36 KDE spin, this is my first time using Fedora and the sound problem was there from the very first boot. The first thing I did was updating my entire system with sudo dnf upgrade, then I installed NVIDIA properitory sound system using RPMFusion’s guide

I also installed plugins and additional codec following Fedora’s Quick Doc, but that doesn’t seem to change anything either. This issue persisted in other distros as well (I used Manjaro and Kubuntu before this). So I think it’s a problem not specific to Fedora. Manjaro used PulseAudio sound server, the issue still persisted there as well.

Below this post, I’ve attached some additional specs which I think users may find helpful to troubleshoot the problem.

Sound Specs from the command --no-upload

General Systems Specs from KDE

Note: I was not able to upload additional links for mentioned guides due to limit links for new members.

Update: I recently upgrade my kernel from 5.18-9 to 5.18-10, which seemed to make it a lot more stable. Please see here for the new system specs.

Updating the kernel as well as other complimentary updates does not seem to fix anything at all for the Surround 4.0 sound issue. It does however make the system more stable (I think).

I just posted this in another thread:

I looked through the thread, couldn’t find anything that addresses the issue

If you install EasyEffects like suggested above, the problem might just be gone (and stay gone).


I have done exactly that. I installed EasyEffects with all of it’s dependencies through sudo dnf install, the problem is still there.

However, I did notice that my sound quality for the default output profile (no Surround 4.0) was better. So that was good to know regardless :smiley:

So, I guess you already played through all the options on the configuration tab in pavucontrol?


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Experiencing the same issue. I guess there are no drivers available. Might have to write one.