Surfshark Client in RPM

Hi just converted the deb version of the surfshark client version 1.2.3-1239 to rpm and wanted to share it just in case someone needs it, it works well in fedora 37. haven’t tested in other releases.

original link for deb

link for converted rpm file

to install just sudo dnf install ./surfshark-1.2.3-1239.x86_64.rpm


Nice that you share your work.

The right place to put your rpm would be on copr:

Project List

You should be able to log in with the fedora account.

thanks I’ll look into it.

unfortunately surfshark client is proprietary and can’t be hosted on copr.


Hi @tobagin

The surfshark package has been updated.

How did you convert the .deb to .rpm?

I tried to do it with the alien tool, but I was unsuccessful in the implementation.

Just for users, who stumble over this topic while checking if surfshark is available for rpm based systems.

There is an alternative available in the package system see:

sudo dnf info proton*

Deadly stuff fair play to you m8 :slight_smile:

Much respect !!!

They should have the latest version on RPM wth like !!

Thanks again,