Suppress kernel logs for rtw88 alternative driver

I installed an alternative driver for my wireless NIC rtl8821ce which is working better than the older one. Except that it is spamming my kernel logs with debug messages related to the NIC operations.
The verbose module(s) related to my NIC:

lsmod | grep 8821
8821ce               4206592  0
cfg80211             1269760  1 8821ce

Can I somehow suppress the kernel logs of this module only?

Solved the issue using the Kernel command line. I used modinfo to get a list of available command line options for this module and found the following:

modinfo 8821ce
parm:           rtw_drv_log_level:set log level when insert driver module, default log level is _DRV_INFO_ = 4 (uint)

And given that the module is built by dkms and is open source, I searched the code and found in rtw_debug.h:

/* driver log level*/
enum {
	_DRV_NONE_ = 0,
	_DRV_ALWAYS_ = 1,
	_DRV_ERR_ = 2,
	_DRV_INFO_ = 4,
	_DRV_DEBUG_ = 5,
	_DRV_MAX_ = 6

A level of logging equal to 0 should stop sending kernel messages, so I set
it using grubby:
sudo grubby --update-kernel=ALL --args="8821ce.rtw_drv_log_level=0"

And finally my kernel logs are not flooded due to the Wi-Fi driver.