Support invitations to this Discourse site

Are email invitations supported on this Discourse site? If so, can we enable them?

I started to administer a Discourse site over the last month, and one of my favorite features is inviting people to participate on the site via email. You can invite someone to the entire site or email-invite them to participate in a specific thread. It would be cool to use this to grow participation in certain sub-categories of the site.

It might be complicated to do this with Fedora login only. But I feel like it would be a good idea to support other authentication methods than FAS only?

What do you think, @sanja @mattdm?

Not a decision I’d like to or can make. We initially had other authentication methods which were changed to be FAS only.

Email participation is enabled, I think can be turned on for each category.

Oh, I didn’t know this. It would be cool if we could invite specific FAS users to participate in a conversation similar to the invitation pane from the user profile like in other Discourse sites, but I know this would require more development effort to make happen.