Super Methane Brothers

Super Methane Brothers uses ClanLib 2. There are numerous forks of Super Methane Brothers. Should we be included one compiled with a maintained library instead. ClanLib has version 3 and 4 but are not included in Fedora. There website is gone. Super Methane Brothers hasn’t been updated in a long time.

SDL1 port
SDL2 port

I haven’t tried either of these ports so I don’t know for certain they work.

The ClanLib website appears gone, but the code hasn’t disappeared off the internet yet:

Github has ClanLib 3 and ClanLib 4. I don’t think any branch/tag there is the ClanLib 2 that Fedora includes. I have not looked at ClanLib 3 or 4. Previously going from ClanLib 0.6, 1, and 2 have all broken compatibility. While we could add ClanLib 4, Super Methane Brothers would probably still need ClanLib 2 unless we upgraded it.