Super Methane Brothers

Super Methane Brothers uses ClanLib 2. There are numerous forks of Super Methane Brothers. Should we be included one compiled with a maintained library instead. ClanLib has version 3 and 4 but are not included in Fedora. There website is gone. Super Methane Brothers hasn’t been updated in a long time.

SDL1 port
SDL2 port

I haven’t tried either of these ports so I don’t know for certain they work.

The ClanLib website appears gone, but the code hasn’t disappeared off the internet yet:

Github has ClanLib 3 and ClanLib 4. I don’t think any branch/tag there is the ClanLib 2 that Fedora includes. I have not looked at ClanLib 3 or 4. Previously going from ClanLib 0.6, 1, and 2 have all broken compatibility. While we could add ClanLib 4, Super Methane Brothers would probably still need ClanLib 2 unless we upgraded it.

Am I looking in the wrong place, or has it been updated? The development page appears to say it requires ClanLib 4.1.

It does appear Super Methane Brothers has been updated to require ClanLib 4.1. I guess the maintainer of Super Methane Brothers package now needs to decide if they want to package ClanLib 4.1, go with an SDL1/2 fork or keep the old ClanLib 2 version.

ClanLib 4.1 does have some activity so it isn’t unmaintained like ClanLib 2. I wonder about them long term. Do they intend to support Wayland at some point? I don’t know of any other game using ClanLib 4.1.