Super long updating system

Hey, I’m a newbie, so i installed fedora and so far so good. But then today, when i started fedora, it decided to install update (which is normal because I check that before reboot) but the installation is taking sooooo long like more than 2 hours and at that point, i don’t know if it’s normal or if there’s something wrong.

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First it depends on you network speed … second on what you need to make your update?

Do you have a bit more info’s?

I use dnf to upgrade my system, there i had to do some tweaks and now I’m happy with the speed of update. Don’t forget, first update after installation is very big.

So, I have been using fedora for more than a week, it’s stuck when i boot into fedora, it shows « installing updates - 98% ». And my connection is pretty good, so i don’t think that’s the problem.

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Yes i see, the mirrors sometimes are quite slow…

if you press the ESC key you can get more info’s

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That’s what i get by pressing esc

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Next time when you make an installation, before rebooting open a terminal and type

sudo dnf upgrade then you will get an idea how big your update will be.

It seams that you have auto-update activated, you can switch this off and make your update regularly in terminal with dnf.

To tweak dnf add to your configuration file the following.
sudo nano /etc/dnf/dnf.conf

Here is mine:


fastestmirro and max_paralles_downloads gave me a boost while updating with dnf.

Then use always “sudo dnf”. This way the cashes is created for the sudo user and it will not download all the repository content again for the regular user. This is approx 50Mb every time, just the basics.

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Okay i understand, because i already use dnf update and i think my dnf.conf is looking the same. But i thought that if i did a dnf update it would not reinstall all the update when auto update. But now i understand ! Thanks, i did a backup anyway so no worries !

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