Suggestion: Notify article aurthor when article is linked/mentioned in Ask

Technical guides usually are written against a particular version of OS/Toolchain.

When a reader want to do the same in a different version (newer or older), there can be different behavior.

As the comment period of the published article is not that long, so people (that is me) naturally post a link to the article at Ask to discuss.

It will be great if the article author can get a notification whenever their article is linked/mentioned in Ask. As response from the author will be very valuable to the reader.

ps. It might be impolite to directly mention the author in the new Ask topic, or it is hard to find out the correct username to mention.

I like the idea, but I don’t know how we’d implement it (and I’m not sure all authors would appreciate it). Finding the author name is a matter of looking at the link to their name on the Magazine article. For example, mine is: so you would know to @ bcotton. Of course, not all Magazine writers are going to be on Ask Fedora.

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Thank you for looking into my suggestion.

My thought:

  1. Reader starts with reading Magazine. If comment period is still open, article discussion continued at Magazine.
  2. Once comment period is over, Magazine add links as the last article comment section like:
  • Continue discussion at Ask, or
  • Continue discussion at Discussion (or any other preferred platform)
  1. Once that link is clicked, Magazine then:
    a. on first click:
  • create a new topic new the designated platform with a link back to the article
  • notify the author
  • redirect Reader to the created topic
    b. on subsequent clicks
  • redirect Reader to the existing topic on the designated platform