Suggestion for a new article: Soft landing with Fedora Workstation for Linux desktop experience

Hi team, I’m a newbie Fedora user.

My name is Hank Lee - a Korean living in the UK since 2000. In spite of my inexperience with Linux, I have managed to convert my family to Fedora users from Chrome OS. I use Fedora Silverblue for its stable nature and test use cases.

Suggestion for writing topics: Soft landing with Fedora Workstation for Linux desktop experience

Why: I haven’t written about Linux yet, but I’m passionate about letting people know about my experience with Linux as the main OS and personal workflow. Still I find the Linux community geeky and intimidating. My approach is to break the myths about Linux. I want more people to get to know Linux through Fedora and tell the world about it. I can make it as a series of articles - a short-term review, mid-term review (more use cases/workflow) and long-term review.

I have a draft article written as my first 15 days experience.

Hope this helps and looking forward to having your reply.

Much appreciated.


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Hi Hanku:

Your article idea sounds like it could be insightful material for Fedora Magazine. We have run articles from newcomers before (e.g. Matthew Arnold: Why I switched to Fedora Linux). Our main requirement for such an article is that you not speak negatively about any other distribution or operating system.

+1 for this article proposal from me. :slight_smile:

Thanks for contributing!

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+1 on your article, @hankuoffroad
I’ve created Taiga card #375 to track the progress of you article.
Please read through the Editorial Workflow for a better understanding of how this all works.
There are also Writing Guidelines available.

Feel free to ask about any questions you have by adding a comment to your Taiga card.

Thanks for volunteering!

Hello Greg,
Thanks for clarifications and guide. Fedora is my first choice for desktop.