Suggested wording tweak for EOL announce

Continuing the discussion from Fedora 34 is going EOL in one week:

Since this message goes to the main announcements list, it tends to get mentioned in the tech press. As Fedora expands in popularity, I’d like to make this a little less jargon-filled and maybe a little less scary. Plus, both of those links to the wiki are actually now redirects to the docs site, so time to update them too. Perhaps something like:

The official "End of Life" for Fedora Linux 34 is 2022-06-07.

After that date, no more updates will be made available — including
security fixes, and any pending still in testing at that time.

This does not mean the end for your Fedora Linux system, however. We've
worked hard to make upgrades to new releases pain-free. In most cases,
upgrading is just like applying a very big batch of regular updates,
but when your system reboots at the end, you'll have everything up to
date with newer versions of your favorite open source software and all
of the latest Fedora changes.

While we want to move fast and bring you all these improvements, we
know that sometimes it's just not the right day for change. That's why
our releases overlap: Fedora Linux 36 just came out, but Fedora Linux
35 is still supported as well (for approximately six more months). You
can choose if you want to stay on the latest by upgrading every six
months, or do the same but cautiously stay one release behind, or skip
every other release and only upgrade once a year.

The choice is yours, but if you are still running Fedora Linux 34, it
is now time to upgrade. You can find instructions for doing this on our
docs site at:


For more about our release lifecycle and related policies, see:


If you have questions, need help, or run into problems, you can get
assistance from our community-driven support site, Ask Fedora:


Fedora Release Engineering, 
on behalf of all of your friends at the Fedora Project!

What do you think?


I think the wording is fine, but it’s probably better discussed on the rel-eng mailing list.

I have worked to move these ‘standard emails’ into the releng git repo. :wink:

So, PR’s could be done there, I think releng would be happy for any better wording.


Looks good

Is it, though? That mailing list seems to be mostly notifications of PR notifications and meeting reminders, not discussion. I’ll go with Kevin’s suggestion of a PR…

Kevin, what are the substitutions in these templates? Assuming “Fedora N” is the to-be-EOL’d release, can I use “Fedora N+1” and “Fedora N+2”? Or should the-to-end release be “Fedora N-2”?

You can use N+1 and N+2

I guess it’s a bit confusing… but Fedora N was supposed to be the EOLing release.

If we wanted to standardize better tho I suppose we could do:

Fedora N+1 → branched or rawhide
Fedora N → current newest stable release
Fedora N-1 → previous stable release
Fedora N-2 → about to EOL release