Subscription-manager: what is it for?

Can someone tell me the purpose of the package subscription-manager?

Hear a description from upstream devs.

Candlepin is a collection of tools which allow companies to manage software subscriptions. The subscriptions allow users to access provided content over secure connections.

So why is Business Software management a part of Fedora? It just seems non-FOSS to me.

Candlepin is open source.

Candlepin being packaged for Fedora means Fedora can be used in an environment where software purchases or licenses are required.

Okay, I see. But again I don’t see the community appeal or need.

You can use it for example to connect your fedora machine to your RHEL
subscription and then all the RHEL containers you run will be able to
install and use any RHEL packages in your subscription.

Okay, that makes some good sense, at least a bit better sense to me. I do have an older RHEL subscription.