Subcategory under "desktop" for everything to do about audio production with Fedora Jam Lab as point of reference?

Would you be open to creating a subcategory under “desktop” for everything to do with audio production, with Fedora Jam Lab as point of reference? I have been trying to promote Fedora Jam in the Linux Musicians Facebook group, but there isn’t really anyplace to discuss audio production topics with Fedora as distribution of choice (advocacy for using distro for audio production) and Jam as specific point of reference, so it has been difficult getting people to try Fedora Jam and discuss how they can optimize their workflow, share “how to’s” such as I tried to do with regards to installing Waveform (DAW) on Fedora, in the Ask Fedora forum.

Hopefully, it could also be used for the developer (Erich Eickmeyer) to get some useful feedback, but he probably gets a lot of that already as he is also main developer for Ubuntu Studio, which has it’s own forum…

+1 from me. I think we need a space specifically for this. What do you tyhink @mattdm ?

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Sounds good to me. A few questions and then I’ll set it up:

  1. Would you prefer it to be: “Audio Production”, “Fedora Jam”, or something like “Audio & Video”?

  2. What about the short name used in URLs? I would suggest depending on the above audio, jam, or av.

  3. Can you provide “About this Category” text for me? Similar to

  4. Do you want the category configured so new topics can be created by incoming email?

  5. Do you have a category logo image?

  6. Is there an associated group we should set up as moderators? This should be a FAS group — even though those aren’t synced automatically currently, they will be in the future. (This is additive: everyone who is a site mod can moderate in all categories, and then also members of a given specific group just for this category.)

Thanks Mathew.

Hmm. I would tend towards “Audio Production”. Jam doesn’t include video at this point, and I don’t want Erich Eickmeyer to feel that I am stepping on his toes, by calling it “Fedora Jam”.

The short name should probably be audio.

This is the primary discussion forum for all things Fedora and audio production. This includes, but is not limited to Fedora Jam. Feel free to use the forum for discussions that are not purely technical in nature. Ask Fedora remains the main source of solutions to technical problems and members of the forum are encouraged to use it and help other users that experience technical issues related to audio production. Fedora is an excellent and stable base for audio production, so this forum is designed and was imagined as a place where other users can get together, share information and experiences, and ask questions as to how to use Fedora resources, such as how and where to request packages, post howto’s, advocacy, etc.

Please remember the Code of Conduct and to follow the guidelines. Topics that are not Fedora, Fedora Jam or in general related to audio production on Fedora will be considered off topic and removed or redirected. This forum is not for displaying or promoting your audio products. For that, you will have to go elsewhere.

If you prefer to participate primarily by email, you can “watch” this category. You can start new threads by email by sending to from the email address you have configured for Fedora Discussion.

Yes, please.

Not at this time. I will need to think about that one. Any specific size requirements?

Unfortunately, no. I am all by myself, which is one aspect that I haven’t thought about. I have just been focused on promotion up to now…

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Done! I’ve given you ownership of the “about this category” post (to which I also made a few tiny edits).

Also, as for moderation, right now, just flag anything that needs attention, but if you want to be a moderator “group of one” we can do that at any time too.


Thanks Matthew. OK, sounds good. I will try to stay on top of this and flag content if necessary. I have no problem with functioning as a co-moderator, but definitely don’t want to be a “group of one”. There are a couple of guys from the Linux Musicians Facebook group that could be potential co-moderators, should they join this forum, but at this point, I don’t have anyone that I can absail in as co-moderator. I am also thinking that it might be a good idea to have someone that is familiar with the Fedora system, to help answer questions that I do not yet have a clue how to answer, such as submitting or requesting packages. Do you have any candidates from the Fedora side that would be interested in functioning as a co-moderator?

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I don’t, but I’ll put out a call!

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I can co-moderate in that category too if you like. I have a keen interest in music.

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Cool. I don’t think we have a sweeping need for it at this point, as traffic has been … light. Let’s see how things go after the site restructure.