Stuck on boot | Fedora 40 | Windows Update

Some more details:
Acer nitro
Duel boot; Windows 10 and Fedora

Couple hours ago had a windows update that blue screened it (something about boot). I went into safe mode and uninstalled the update. It worked fine.
Afterwards I tried booting into fedora but it just gets stuck on the boot logo.

Not well versed in Linux so if giving instructions please include the steps of how to do xyz.

I have googled the job thing and while there are a few posts about it, I do not know how to do anything that they mention.

Hello @darkking202 ,
If you can please select the boot option in the grub menu you show in the second pic, that is at the top, but don’t press the enter key on it press e to edit the command line, look for resume= ..., delete that part of the command line and only that (resume=whateverelse) and I think you press x but it says how to continue with booting the edited command line.
This should get you booting into the latest kernel you have installed. You will still have to do more after but this is the starting point. Once you get this step to work, come back and I’ll help you move forward.


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Hi @jakfrost

Thank you for helping me out. Sorry for the response delay, I’m back now and will be online indefinitely.

I believe I got to the requested menu but the specified command “resume” was not present. I’ll add pictures. Also let me know if you prefer landscape or portrait. I’ll also add a picture of bios settings for additional information.

I’ve also attempted using Live Media (did Fedora and Ubuntu) boot from a USB and once booted, browsing possible drives, it does not seem to view/see the M.2 SSD that Windows and Fedora is on. Only the 2.5" SSD Drive that’s used as additional storage space.

In the command line menu, where it has load_video and more, I am able to edit the lines. I have not changed anything just checked if its possible.

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Hi, just wondering if you could help me out as I’m still unable to fix this issue.

Hi @darkking202 ,
Sorry for the radio silence. I was moving halfway across Canada and had some major move issues. To make a long story short, a drive that should have taken say 18 to 19 hours took me from Wednesday evening to Sunday very early AM . So I will take a look at this more closely tomorrow, I’m just a bit fatigued right now.

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No worries! Appreciate you hanging around still! Move anywhere cool?

Hi yeah, I guess you could say that, but there aren’t many cool (temperatures) around Canada this week. I moved (back) to Nova Scotia, a place I think is very cool, after all it’s Canada’s Ocean Playground. :sailboat: