Stuck in "Starting Switch Root" and d-bus fails to start


I installed F34 (after a F33->F34 upgrade failure) and set up everything I needed on the first boot. However after re-booting a second time, the boot screen got stuck for about 2 minutes under Starting Switch Root until init sendt a SIGTERM. Under journalctl I see that d-bus fails to start, but it’s not clear why.

When starting under single mode everything “works” fine: After the folowing message

Cannot apen access to console, the root account is locked.

There’s a switch to the default target and then I get the GDM login screeen.

Additional notes:

  • NVIDIA GPU, using drivers from rpmfusion.
  • Secure boot enabled. I have a additional script that signs the NVIDIA driver.
  • Switching to the nouveau driver doesn’t fix the issue.

Any help with further debugging or fixing this would be greatly appreciated.


So do you get a root terminal?

If so, you should try to fix the update.

Have a look here:

So I’d try first to rebuild the rpm database and after that a distro-sync.

dnf distro-sync

if this alone does not work:

dnf distro-sync --allowerasing

You may need sudo.

I was not able to get a root terminal so I had to do a clean install of F34. The issues above came with the fresh install. Thanks for the info though.

Your journalctl link seems to be broken so it’s hard to tell, but it sounds like you could be encountering this dracut issue which can occur if you have a Bluetooth mouse/keyboard/something connected to your computer. There are some tips on disabling the new dracut Bluetooth support in that issue. Are you able to add the omit_dracutmodules line and run dracut -f successfully in single user mode?

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Oh, I do have a bluetooth mouse and keyboard connected. I will try the pointers. Thanks for the tip!

For reference, I updated the journalctl link.

Yep, this did the trick: disabling bluetooth in dracut as mentioned in your link did it. Thanks a lot for the help!

Great, good to hear it worked. :slightly_smiling_face:

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