Stuck in loading screen with kernel 5.9.14-200

i just installed Fedora 33 today and then i updated everything including kernel.
When i restart by laptop i can choose between kernel 5.8.15-301 which works just fine or kernel 5.9.14-200. With the latter i just get stuck in the loading screen during boot up (i.e. Gigabyte and Fedora logo with turning circle)

Can you help me with that or should i just stick to 5.8?

If you press ESC, you will be able to see some on screen messages, in order to catch if the boot is stuck in starting some service or so on.

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ok it says
[OK] Started Show Plymouth Boot Screen
[OK] Started Forward Passwort Rs to Plymouth Directory Watch.
[OK] Reached target paths.
[OK] Reached traged Basic System

and that’s it

Which graphic card?
When you are stuck in the loading screen, are you able to switch to another TTY, with CTRL+ALT+F2?

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Nvdia GeForce GTX 1070 M

CTRL+ALT+F2 does nothing

Even I am having the same issue
Please give me ans

Seems to be a known issue with Nvidia and kernel 5.9. I’m not sure what the current status is. Please search the forum for “nvidia 5.9” and see related posts, like this one:

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