Steam Language Simplified Chinese Font Error on Fedora38

Steam UI font error on Fedora 38

I found that when I set the language of the Steam UI from English to Simplified Chinese, there will be font errors in the Steam UI ,it will be displayed as square frame .


  1. I find that the Steam UI font error is caused by Fedora 38 compatibility,after I downgraded OS to Fedora 37, it looked OK.
  2. OS:Fedora 38 (Workstation Edition)(64 bit)(Simplified Chinese or English)
  3. Install and Login Steam Account
  4. Steam languages set Simplified Chinese

Issue Capture:

Related Issues Report:
Github: Chinese font error

System information:
Steam client version (build number or date): Built Apr 28 2023,at 18:33:22
Distribution: Fedora 38 (Workstation Edition)(64 bit)
Opted into Steam client beta?: [Yes]
Have you checked for system updates?: [Yes]

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