Steam in a VM

I would ask this on Reddit but since of the API protest and I used fedora as my host OS I’m asking it here. I was trying to get SR-IOV working and when I got it “working” I then when I installed steam on my ubuntu VM and it won’t open. any ideas anyone?

I run Steam using the RPM Fusion setup instuctions here
The dnf install steam.

There is no need to have a VM and I’d guess that that will only give you trouble
getting full GPU support for the games.

Thanks but I’m only doing it because I want to see if the GPU virtualization I have set up is working. I’m not installing the games because I think it is a good idea I just want to see if The GPU acceleration works

As I understand it, the only (or at least best) way to achieve actual GPU HW acceleration in a VM is to use a passthrough GPU that is dedicated to the VM so it can properly utilize the needed drivers. Any other method involves using the CPU to emulate the GPU which does not really provide HW acceleration.