Startx works but sddm hangs

When I boot fedora 31, on a fresh install, and login as a user, the login session hangs. Black screen.

If I login on a terminal, and do ‘startx’, it works fine.

I have a laptop (2016) running Fedora 31 on KDE and don’t have this issue. Is there anywhere I can look to debug what is happening. It doesn’t matter which user I use. Another thing that happens is that instead of logging in, it just loops back to the login screen.

I would probably use ‘journalctl -b -1’ in the terminal, to see what was going on for the previous boot (-1) sessions. Maybe using -r to see in reverse order. Maybe -p4 to see only errors and warnings. Maybe booting with drm.debug=0xe kernel boot parameters (you add at the end of the linux line in Grub menu (press Esc to see the menu, then E to edit, then edit, then Ctrl-X to boot).

Thanks @pauld, I will have a look.

I have edited the post, as it’s not actually using kdm, but rather sddm.

There seems to be a few issues with hanging at startup with sddm:

I am going to try, adding this to the service file:

ExecStartPre=/bin/sleep 5

This was caused by a deleted user which sddm was still trying to use. I re-installed Fedora, and created a new user which I migrated my home directory files onto. I called this user ‘john2’. I set the user to auto login, which put an entry into /etc/sddm.conf. I subsequently deleted this user, with ‘userdel’, but the reference to ‘john2’ was still in /etc/sddm.conf, so sddm hung trying to login a non existent user account.

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