Sound Issue: Only Subwoofer Working on Laptop with 2+1 Speakers after Switching to Fedora

Hi everyone,

I recently switched to Fedora on my laptop, which has a 2+1 speaker system (2 speakers and 1 subwoofer). However, I’m encountering a problem with the sound output. The subwoofer is the only component producing sound, while the two speakers are not being recognized by the system.

Here’s a summary of my setup and the issue:

  • Laptop with 2+1 speaker configuration (2 speakers, 1 subwoofer)
  • Only the subwoofer is emitting sound
  • The two main speakers are not detected by the system

I would appreciate any guidance on how to resolve this issue. Has anyone experienced a similar problem, or does anyone have suggestions on what settings or configurations I need to adjust to get the main speakers working properly?

Thanks in advance for your help!
my PC : Acer Predator G9-593

Unfortunately, audio issues are pretty common with exotic configurations like those, as the HDA spec is pretty loose.

Could you run and share its output, please? It might provide some useful information.

I couldn’t add it here due to the character limit, the result is on the attached site.
alsa output

Hello @onekra ,
Welcome to :fedora: !
Do your satellite speakers plug into your subwoofer? My 2.1 speakers have audio in on the sub with output to satellites. Are yours’ separate? I could run separate with the rear outputs of my system.

My first recommendation would be to try a fixup model, as documented here: More Notes on HD-Audio Driver — The Linux Kernel documentation, HD-Audio Codec-Specific Models — The Linux Kernel documentation

alc255-acer, asus-g73jw and alc290-subwoofer look pretty promising. Do any of these models fix your issue?

I’m sorry, but I didn’t understand anything from the pages you sent me, I’m quite new to Linux. I’ve had a problem like this before, but I didn’t mind it. If I can’t solve it now, I’ll continue like this, but if it’s something that can be solved, I want to solve it.

It’s not the external speakers, the jack inputs are working, the problem is the internal ones. I was using Windows before, but when I started having problems with the work I was doing, I decided to switch to Linux again. If I can’t solve it, I will continue to use it like this.

Years ago I had a HP laptop that was the opposite with speakers working but not the subwoofer; I used some GUI ALSA tool to figure out two things to change, and then made an auto-start script that did it with hda-verb.

I haven’t used this since 2016 but here’s what I did:

sudo -e '/etc/systemd/system/hp-audio.service' && sudo systemctl daemon-reload && sudo systemctl enable 'hp-audio' && sudo systemctl start 'hp-audio' && sudo systemctl status 'hp-audio' -l

Description=HP Audio Bass and Volume Fix

ExecStart='/usr/bin/hda-verb' '/dev/snd/hwC1D0' '0x1a' '0x782' '0x61'
ExecStart='/usr/bin/hda-verb' '/dev/snd/hwC1D0' '0x1a' '0x773' '0x2d'


You’ll likely need to figure out what those 3 magic numbers are for your specific laptop.

Sorry about that. While this issue can be resolved, it does require intervention from the hardware’s user. I don’t own this particular laptop, so all I can do is give you some guidance and hints on how to fix this problem. :pensive:

There is one graphical tool which could help you debug this issue: Git - alsa.git/tree - hda-analyzer/

You could try messing around with the configuration. If you manage to find any particular steps which make the speakers output sound, then I might be able to provide you with a proper fix.

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@onekra Actually, scratch that for a moment! I’ve found some documentation which targets your laptop model specifically.

Try following these steps:

  1. Run sudo dnf alsa-tools.
  2. Run hdajackretask.
  3. Select the Realtek codec (ALC255).
  4. Check the “Show unconnected pins” option
  5. Look out for Pin ID: 0x17 > select override > choose “Internal Speaker(LFE)”
  6. Look out for Pin ID: 0x1b > select override > choose “Internal speaker(Back)”
  7. Press “Install boot override”, then reboot.

Here’s a screenshot of how it should look like after you follow these steps:

If that fixes it, you shouldn’t need to do anything else on your side! Additionally, I’ll send a patch upstream to the Linux kernel which fixes this issue. Once that’s merged, no more workarounds will be required.

Edit: If it works, please share your /lib/firmware/hda-jack-retask.fw file with me.