Sort order in Nautilus

from the past Windows times, I was used to prepend files or folders with a hash sign “#” to make them appear first in the file explorer view.

In Nautilus, when I prepend a folder name with #, it gets listed last.

When I prepend a folder with any other symbol, the symbol seems to get ignored and the folder gets sorted by the first alphabetic character.

My two questions:
a) is there any symbol / sign I could use so Nautilus lists that file /folder first?
b) or is there a configuration / extension which adjusts the sort order?

Thank you!

Nautilus follows a sort order based on your current locale, afaik there’s no easy way to change that. Maybe try using stars instead?

I hesitate to choose stars, as a star is also a globbing charcter, like in rm * :slight_smile:

Great observation but that’s not really what I meant :joy: Directories that are indexed by the Tracker search indexer can be starred; just right click one and select Star. Then, when you’re in the list view, you can sort starred items above all the others.

:slight_smile: Heh, I learned something new. I did not know of the “star/favorite” a file or a folder.

Unfortunately, it does not work for all folders, see Starring doesn't work for non indexed directories (#243) · Issues · GNOME / Files · GitLab

I crossposted this question at the Gnome discussion board and got some interesting answers as well: