Son-daddy project | building / buying a telescope and use Fedora to observe the outer space

Hello my name is Luciano,

I do live in Brazil. I do have a six year old sun who wishes to have a telescope. I thought would be nice as a father son project build or at least use a telescope together. Something modular would be nice where we could build on it if we get addicted to Astronomy :blush:

As I’m new in Astronomy it would be nice to get some ideas how to start. I saw that there is an astronomy lab from Fedora to use. I not had time yet to go thru it.

Maybe there are other daddy’s or mams who all ready are over the evaluation process to build or buy a Telescope and could give some advice’s , ideas , links how to get started.

Thanks in advance !


I do not have much advice to give you but I want to say this sounds awesome! I never had such opportunities with my father and now I’m moving away from home to attend school.
I think your son, even if he doesn’t realize it now, will appreciate these projects.

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Thx for your compliment, he appreciate them already and is always very happy :slight_smile:

One of my first things what I made for him was a ramp for small cars like Hot-wheels. He called it Zoooom, because of the noise it makes when we let a car down the ramp.

A second project I made with him was a Mate for pandemic times. He wanted a Robot, so we made one from recycling materials. It is really precious to see a kid being happy with such “small” and simple things.


An other feedback i wanted to give is about the Astronomy-Lab from Fedora, is that i tested the Live CD but I already struggled to change my Keyboard to PT_BR. Normally this seams to be a simple task. But while using the KDE DE i had more than one situation I not used it for longer as a “have a look on it”

I prefer my Mate desktop and would like to make a installation with the Astronomy-Lab applications on it.

The question is, if a Lab is also just made from several Software Groups as a Spin, or if there is more behind? Why the use of KDE, are there applications just running under it ?

The reason why not KDE is that i use an older Hardware where Mate makes a much better performance.

Hello @ilikelinux ,
Have checked out this Fedora Magazine article?
As it notes, there is a :fedora: Linux Astronomy Lab spin available. :party:

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A Lab can be both a set of software as well as the configuration for it. In this case, there’s not an easy way to install all of the software on the Astronomy Lab, but you can see what software comes on it by looking at the kickstart file.

As for why Astronomy Lab uses KDE? Because that’s what the lab’s maintainers chose. :slight_smile:

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