Son-daddy project | building / buying a telescope and use Fedora to observe the outer space

Hello my name is Luciano,

I do live in Brazil. I do have a six year old sun who wishes to have a telescope. I thought would be nice as a father son project build or at least use a telescope together. Something modular would be nice where we could build on it if we get addicted to Astronomy :blush:

As I’m new in Astronomy it would be nice to get some ideas how to start. I saw that there is an astronomy lab from Fedora to use. I not had time yet to go thru it.

Maybe there are other daddy’s or mams who all ready are over the evaluation process to build or buy a Telescope and could give some advice’s , ideas , links how to get started.

Thanks in advance !


I do not have much advice to give you but I want to say this sounds awesome! I never had such opportunities with my father and now I’m moving away from home to attend school.
I think your son, even if he doesn’t realize it now, will appreciate these projects.

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Thx for your compliment, he appreciate them already and is always very happy :slight_smile:

One of my first things what I made for him was a ramp for small cars like Hot-wheels. He called it Zoooom, because of the noise it makes when we let a car down the ramp.

A second project I made with him was a Mate for pandemic times. He wanted a Robot, so we made one from recycling materials. It is really precious to see a kid being happy with such “small” and simple things.

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An other feedback i wanted to give is about the Astronomy-Lab from Fedora, is that i tested the Live CD but I already struggled to change my Keyboard to PT_BR. Normally this seams to be a simple task. But while using the KDE DE i had more than one situation I not used it for longer as a “have a look on it”

I prefer my Mate desktop and would like to make a installation with the Astronomy-Lab applications on it.

The question is, if a Lab is also just made from several Software Groups as a Spin, or if there is more behind? Why the use of KDE, are there applications just running under it ?

The reason why not KDE is that i use an older Hardware where Mate makes a much better performance.