Something happened to quoted text

It seems that quoted text in posts imported from Ask are messed up.
Look here

GOA - Gnome Online Accounts - Nextcloud - #3 by ilikelinux

It points to Projects in Copr category.

Or here
Move /home directory to a new partition - #3 by john2fx

The link points to a non existent topic.

This one
Poor internet speed on fedora 37 - #8 by td211

It doesn’t have any link

And this
Fedora 36 suddenly changed name of network adapter from enpNNs0 breaking networkd configuration - #5 by basic6

Expanding it with the arrow in the right, lead to a trash can icon.

Testing the correct behaviour :point_up_2:

Other examples
Building a new home with systemd-homed on fedora - #20 by vwbusguy
F37 Invalid image error while booting - #5 by computersavvy

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The link includes the topic number that was correct when the quote was created, but the topic numbers seem to have changed, so the link is no good.

For posts I made myself, the edit button lets me look at the details of a link (including topic number). I don’t know how to look at those for posts by others, so the bad links by others are just bad links (rather than bad in a specific way).

When I edit that bad one, I see
[quote=“Vu Tran Anh, post:1, topic:32298, username:tav9122”]

But the topic number is now 61367.

Yep, that looks exactly like what happened, John. Reported.

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This should now be fixed — all quotes should include the right quotes. Let me know if you see something that’s still wrong!

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