Some problems I had with Fedora Linux 35 beta

I upgraded first time to beta to help with Fedora, but not sure how to report some problems.
There were some things at start which I were able to report with crash util.
But I also I experience lot of problems with Firefox movies. Twitter, Facebook and others. Opening in Firefox displays message about plugin gpopenh264 crash. There is button to report problem but it probably goes to Mozilla.
There are also some gnome shell extensions which does not work which silly do not start (e.g. Application menu extension)
Beside it Fedora 35 Beta looks quite good for me and I’m waiting for final release.

Yes, it is a known bug.
You can see a list of bugs that will block the release if they are not solved in time:

Thank you for your interest in helping out testing the beta.
If you encounter some bugs, you can discuss them with the Quality Assurance team. Or report them on bugzilla.


Here, you should wait for the extension’s developer to make it compatible with the new GNOME release. Or get in touch with them.

After upgrading to FD35 beta, I initially had sound on my laptop. After doing upgrade on FD35 beta to 5.14.9-300 had no sound. 5.14.10 upgrade, still not sound.
Also I am unable to recover when system goes to sleep.
Looking forward to future upgrades.

It is a sorry fact that most gnome shell developers are slow in updating their extensions.