Some media writer versions/variants note Silverblue to be "beta"

I called it a beta project because that’s what Fedora Media Writer calls it. Also on the Fedora site it asks the user to “try”.
Anyway, I want to thank you for all the clarifications you gave me. This is a great community.
Really thanks! :slight_smile:

Thank you for making me aware! That’s indeed not intended. It seems you already contributed as linguistic bug hunter :wink:

Do you have a screenshot of the media writer page that marks Silverblue as beta? I think the current version already received an update to solve this problem, but I would like to be sure to avoid this misunderstanding in future.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Download Fedora Media Writer
  2. Run Fedora Media Writer
  3. Choose which ISO to write to the device
    Fedora Silverblue is on the Beta release list. I confirm that I noticed it a few days ago, so I think it’s still the case.

(I have moved this from introductions to a separated topic; this topic is the follow-up of these two posts: 1, 2)

With the media writer of F37, I follow “Download automatically” → “Emerging Editions” → Choose “Fedora Silverblue” → Choose F38, Intel/AMD 64bit, USB drive → Download and write

Alternatively, I follow “Select .iso file” → Select file, USB drive → Write.

I do not find notes/indications that Silverblue is a beta, but I tested only with the F37 media writer.

Have you installed Media Writer maybe through a Fedora release from before F37? Or have you used the Media Writer binary for Mac or Windows from

Information about the version/variant of the media writer (or from where the respective version/variant comes from) would be helpful, and maybe a screenshot of the very slide, in order that we can ensure that this disappears on all media writers to avoid misunderstandings.

Thanks again for making us aware :wink:

I used the Flatpak version from Flathub. I downloaded it a few days ago

AFAIK Fedora Media Writer updates the release information over the internet, so it shouldn’t matter what version of FMW you use, even if it’s old.

Maybe it was a network issue.

Just tested the flatpak version from flathub and ther’s no mention of being beta.

“Emerging Editions” was translated as “Beta Editions” in Italian

Indeed, here is the translation: fedora-media-writer/MediaWriter — Italian @ Fedora Weblate

If you click on the phrase, you can suggest a different translation.

I am not sure if there is an established Italian translation for “Emerging Editions” already used elsewhere in Fedora.

Yes, that explains the issue.

My translator says “emergente” (1st suggestion) or “indicare” (2d
suggestion) make sense (but it also says that it is “Edizione” and not
“Edizioni”). To get rid of the beta immediately I would suggest one of
these two as interim alternative, but of course if a native knows
something more appropriate that would be appreciated :slight_smile:

The translation “Edizioni emergenti” would not be grammatically wrong. However, it is good to know that, in some contexts, the meaning of “Emergente” coincides with that of “Beta”. But I want to clarify that this is not always the case: “Emerging” can also mean “new” or “growing” and I think this is the meaning that the author wanted to give in English. I will personally provide the suggestion on Weblate as soon as possible.

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Thanks for taking care!

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