Some Fedora 39 torrents are missing from

There are several torrents missing from I’m not sure exactly which ones, but at least:

  • Fedora-KDE-Live-aarch64-39.torrent
  • Fedora-Sericea-ostree-x86_64-39.torrent
  • Fedora-Silverblue-ostree-aarch64-39.torrent
  • Fedora-Workstation-Live-aarch64-39.torrent
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Tagging infrastructure-team and release-engineering-team

Yes, these non blocking images failed to compose in the final release
candidate. ;(

We respun them and made them available under
But because they were done out of the compose they were not added as


I suppose it’s possible for us to make torrents for them.
Feel free to request in that ticket or another like it if there’s need
for this.