Some editing tips

A few things I noticed in the recent Podman article that I wanted to pass on for other editors.

  1. Please do check all the text, including the title, for simple errors. The title for this one said “Using Pod’s with Podman” (see the apostrophe?).

  2. Screenshots in this article had several problems.

    a. First, they were quite small and won’t be viewable for many viewers, especially on smaller laptops or tablets.

    b. Typically for CLI, you don’t want actual screenshots. Instead, just a copy/paste of text that doesn’t suffer from the “too small” problem, and it’s also easier for people to copy/paste bits themselves.

    c. The screenshots appeared to have been made on MacOS. That doesn’t help us promote Fedora. Please work with writers to use Fedora for their work. Even if they’re on another OS, the (b) tip above will help, and/or they should be running a Fedora VM or container.

  3. The writer used a non-Fedora default container in their example. We have a perfectly good distro, please make sure writers are using this in their examples too. That’s what we’re here to promote. :wink:



As a writer, I wouldn’t mind seeing some WP editor code for an article that has been properly formatted. I struggled with it when I wrote my first article. I am going to struggle with it on my second article as I can’t even view the code on my first article now that it has been published. Is there any way we can get an example that writers can reference?


Tim, are you able to access articles written by others as an author? If not, we can build this into our “getting started” doc for writers.

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I cannot. I can’t even look at my own, published article to see how you edited it.

You were set to “contributor” access and not author, which I’ve fixed.

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Thanks. That worked.