[SOLVED] Perform full desktop search in Gnome

Hi to all,
I was looking for a file saved somewhere in my /home folder. So I thought I could search it by its content. I’‘m not used to search trough search bar in activity view in Gnome Desktop. I find surprisingly that there was no search in files’ content. I looked up to the tracker package and I found in the description that it is a metadata database and search tool.

Years ago the tracker (as beagle did) package perform a full text search so I guessed it was the same.

So, here the question. Is there any way to do a full desktop indexing and integrate in Gnome search bar? Or there is a more modern Gnome-style way to search for files lost in /home? Many thanks in advance.

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You can utilize full-text search with Nautilus/Files.
It definitely works for plain text files, but I’m not sure about other file types.

It works also on PDF file. it’s enough for me! Thanks

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