[Solved] Musescore Jack crashes with Pipewire

Using latest stable Musescore, either the AppImage or the RPM version : if Musescore is configured to use Jack, it crashes after loading a score. Unusable.
A workaround is to configure Musescore to use Alsa or PulseAudio, but you lose Jack syncing with other apps.

pipewire-0.3.22-4.fc33 & mscore-3.6.2-1.fc33

The only hint is this system log from sender pipewire

  • (mscore-40) client too slow! rate:1024/48000 pos:8421376
  • alsa-pcm 0x55fe07fc2648: snd_pcm_status error: Broken pipe

My bad. I changed the sampling frequency in the config files to 48000, but let them in comment.
Removing the comments, so that they are explicitly set and everything works again