[SOLVED] How to make Signal Messenger (Flatpak), that closing it minimises it system tray in Fedora KDE?

This is standard behaviour of all desktop messengers, even signal has this option in Windows version, but not for linux. How do I make it as a start-up app while being minimised it in system tray.

Also when I close the app, instead of completely closing, it will get minimised to system tray.

What does Ctrl + Q do?

It quits the app, I want it to get minimised to system tray.

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The dev of the flatpak fixed that issue by adding two env variables.

Use KDEs flatpak settings, go to signal, show advanced settings and add those environment variables.

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I did this but nothing happened, can you please guide me through the process?

Got it! Had to change those to 1 from 0.

damn these env variables are even all added by default, which is brilliant. Flatpak ftw!

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