This issue relates to the problem and work around fixed it for me

Also probably this PR would fix hyprpaper

All good with the latest build

Hyprland, built from branch main at commit 5e6f7b1cdb72b394ad8556bb232ac8a406d851b4 ().
Date: Mon Apr 29 11:04:59 2024

Actually still the same issue with hyprpaper

Thanks for this fix @lukedearden ! Confirming the symlinking above solves the Waybar hyprland/workspaces and hyprland/window module issues.

heads up

The latest hyprland-git broke a few things for me so I rolled back the regular branch

FIrefox crashing when dragging tabs/bookmars on the tab bar

And launching apps to a workspace on startup with exec-once [workspace n] stopped working