Software center updates tab missing

A while back I disabled the PackageKit daemon to free up system resources on a machine that was getting bogged down with disk I/O. Now I’ve solved that problem but Gnome Software is missing its “Updates” tab…it only shows “Explore” and “Installed.” I’ve re-enabled packagekitd and verified that it is running, but gnome-software still has no Updates tab. Any idea what else needs to be enabled for the Updates tab to appear?

Try to revert service startup settings to factory defaults and reboot:

sudo systemctl preset-all

Didn’t work. Updates tab is still missing from the UI.

Check if it works from another user.

It does work from another user account. So apparently the problem is a user-specific setting (maybe in dconf?).

Ah, there it is. was set to False. I changed it to True and restarted gnome-software and the updates tab is visible again. Thanks!


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