Software can't find a connection (F35 Silverblue)

Hi there,

Just set up Silverblue 35 as an update from 34. I, probably recklessley, went from 34 - > 35 without updating 34 from the iso. Upon booting 35 I was greeted with packages from 34 being installed . Now software centre is unable to find a connection. It is fine on 34.

I can update from rpm-ostree fine, and flatpak update. I have tried different wireless and wired connections…

I had a look on bugzilla and couldn’t find anything, however I’m not too savy so thought I would check here first.

Cheers. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I did a fresh install from the F35 Beta and it seems to be finding a connection now

Ok…it’s now happening again!

Is bugzilla the place to file bugs?

also … if I was to keep a system correctly up to date would I just need these two commands

rpm-ostree upgrade

flatpak update


PS: How do I unpin a deployment …I now have 2 pinned and would like to remove one… :slight_smile:

Please try --help or man of the command you used to pin. Or just try the opposite argument you just mentioned.

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Ok thanks… I was looking with -h , but forgot to deploy the argument on the pin variable itself… thanks

?! …

yeah , my bad… I had ostree admin unpin …but now I see that unpin is an argument for pin

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