Snx is not working with systemd-resolved


I’m trying to connect to a VPN using snx client on f-36. I installed all dependencies with i686 arch in order to make it work for x64. I can connect it but any host from the server is not resolved.

build 800010003
Please enter your password:

SNX - connected.

Session parameters:
Office Mode IP      : XX.XX.XX.XX
DNS Server          : X.X.X.X
Secondary DNS Server: X.X.X.X
DNS Suffix          : X
Timeout             : XX hours 

I have researched it and I could resolve the domain on the browser by stopping the systemd-service but I cannot access to the same domain from the terminal when I try to get to the sever by git command. I get could not resolve host error.
This is the link that I followed it as a workaround.

Is there a mechanism to work the resolution using systemd?


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In order to make it work, I found that I have to edit DNS server on the resolved.conf.
Steps to fix it:

1- Modify the resolve entry from the /etc/systemd/resolved.conf.

2- Modify Resolveentry with this information:

Domains=[list of domains to resolve]

3- Restart resolve service:
sudo service systemd-resolved restart

I don´t know if there is a way to avoid it, but it works fine.

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