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requires kernel 6.8 and parameters "i915.force_probe=!xxxx xe.force_probe=xxxx" with xxxx being the gpu's pci id

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Thank you for your work! I’m wondering if you also have any interest in packaging the xe kmd enabled driver as a flatpak host GL driver extension so that it can be used with flatpak apps. See Using host Nvidia driver with Flatpak | TingPing’s blog

Hi. I’ve looked into it, but hosting a repo is too complicated for me, I ran into the 100MB blob size limit on gitlab.
You can find instructions at to build the driver locally and add “-Dintel-xe-kmd=enabled” to elements/mesa.bst.
It did work with the Steam flatpak in a short test.

Then what about a PR for mesa-git-extension? Mesa upstream suggests to turn it on and I think flatpak side will also accept it.

I’ve run into network and disk space problem and found it is difficult to build this repo on my own. I’d appreciate it if -Dintel-xe-kmd=enabled would be in the default build flags and I could simply pull the prebuilt.

It will become a default build option in 24.1, but I’ve added links to flatpak bundles to the description to hold you over until then (around mid-May).

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