Smb://ip-address lan sharing with windows 10

this is what i do :

  1. a fresh install of silverblue with this Fedora-Silverblue-ostree-x86_64-33-1.2.iso

  2. immediately after 1st boot i go to files > other locations which is right at the bottom in the

side bar & in the box which says enter server address i type smb:// followed by the ip address

of my other computer(windows 10 pro) on my lan network which pops up a window which has

my silverblue username & asks for a password when i enter the password for my username >

  • i am shown all the shared folders on the windows computer on my lan network.
  1. i now do rpm-ostree upgrade & when it is done i do systemctl reboot.

  2. after re-boot i repeat step # 2 but now the pop-up window flashes back on again still asking

for a password, again & again & again.

to me it seems the upgrade messed up the smb://ip-address lan sharing since it worked

o.o.t.b. & stopped working after the upgrade.

is this a bug which has been reported & will it get fixed soon?

i really want to stick with silverblue & make it my primary desktop but the smb://ip-address lan

sharing is really important for me so can someone please help me fix this.

f.y.i., smb://ip-address lan sharing works on the very same setup with all these distros

debian > mxlinux & ubuntu > kdeneon, elementary.