Slow start up without any sign in left upper corner

Time between me clicking a button to start some software and the sign in left upper corner that software is starting is too long. It takes appr 30 seconds. The sign is next to “Activities” text left upper corner. So I sometimes retry to start the software again. Is it my slow computer or is it slow F31? I do work on F31 beta.
Thank you very much.

Hi @redjaap in your desktop gnome exits an app called System Monitor Apps/SystemMonitor - GNOME Wiki!

where you can see the use of the CPU and the RAM of the whole system or of a certain process, such as the load of libreoffice word (for exempel).

Here you can determine in the first instance if this delay is related to the resources of your computer or is produced by a particular process (trought check list of process and their workloads).

Once you have checked this, and if you still have doubts, attach a little more of information such as the characteristics of your PC and what you have observed in the system monitor program when you have tried to load a program, such as times of your CPU / RAM with 100% of load.


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