Slow boot on Rawhide

Hello everyone, I just switched my old (Rawhide) KDE install for Gnome. But since then, my system boots up really slow (around two and a half minutes). I need some help in diagnosing this, or check if it’s just a bug. So far I checked dmesg and systemd-analyze (and … blame) and a bit of journalctl. Here’s my results.

systemd-analyze blame

So far, I’ve tried dracut -f but that didn’t solve the problem. Dracut takes more than a minute to complete somehow.

Hello @koffiato , welcome to the forum.

Please speak to the QA team about Rawhide installs here. They will be able to help:

The forum here is for supported releases, since we know that they have been tested and what issues there are with them. Rawhide does not go through the release QA process and we do not track it here.


Thank you, thought so. I’m gonna ask around there.

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Just a quick inexperienced comment.
I looked over the dmesg output and it appears that about 60 seconds was spent between lines 2411 and 2424 as it attempts to configure some usb device and fails.

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