Slide Shows with LibreOffice

This may not be directly related to fedora, but it is related to using libreoffice on fedora.

I have a classroom presentation that is done with libreoffice Impress.
I can work through the presentation using the arrow keys on the keyboard, but that requires that I be directly within reach of my keyboard for each step of the presentation.

I know there are clickers that can be used for the same purpose and thus step through the slides while being mobile and able to move around while doing the presentation.

The question I have is really about what clicker devices of that type are usable with fedora for this purpose.? What have some others used and had good luck with?

Found this review The 8 Best Presentation Clickers 2nd clicker claims linux compatible.

Could be as simple as the dongle presents as HID mouse and keyboard?

That seems like a pretty good list, but of course is windows-centric and as noted only one claims linux compatible.

Hopefully someone has a suggestion for one that is proven linux compatible through use.

I decided to take a plunge and ordered a contoller from amazon.
This one was only $14 and indicated that it worked with linux so I took the risk.
Testing shows it will do everything I need, and every button on the clicker works as labeled.

The only negative is that the laser pointer is anemic (very weak) and I will have to use a different pointer but otherwise it works really well with F39 and LibreOffice Impress for slide show control.

IIRC, there’s a mobile app for this:

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I appreciate the link and info.

I looked at that, but it is not as complete as using the dedicated clicker I purchased, and has fewer features as well.

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