Sleep Mode doesn't work

I use Workstation 36. Sleep Mode does not work, or goes to sleep and starts up again immediately.

I selected automatic partitioning during the installation. The SSD is completely used. “Free” shows something like 8gb swap. My ram is 16gb. Is that the problem? If so…, can I adjust the size easily?

Or is the easiest and most time-saving solution once again to reinstall?

Sleep mode has nothing to do with swap. Only hibernation needs a physical swap and the default config for fedora swap (which works for almost everyone) is to use zram for swap.

We need more info to even guess what is happening. Please post the output of inxi -Fzx.
Also confirm that your install of fedora has been fully updated dnf upgrade --refresh.

Failure to sleep seems always a configuration or software issue.

The problem was caused by the USB hub of my monitor. So nothing software/Fedora specific. Can be deleted. Thanks. See you around.