Slack Announces Its App Will No Longer Work on Fedora

Hello, all…

I received an email last night that reads, in part:

Also starting March 1, 2022, the following operating systems (OS) will no longer be supported. To keep your company’s data safe and secure, we strongly recommend your users update their systems.

Windows OS : Windows 10 Enterprise versions 1803 & 1809
Linux OS : Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0 and Fedora all versions

I wonder if this is related to the Electron/glib issue… Regardless, it’s going to leave a lot of us seeking alternative answers.

Just sharing.

use web version of slack simple

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If only the web version didn’t regularly make the browser eat all the ram… :slight_smile:

Still, a fair point, @knightcrusty.

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It looks to me like they aren’t saying the application will no longer run on Fedora. They are saying they no longer provide official support for Fedora. This is the same situation many other Linux distros are in already.

haven’t used slack with alot of group or whatever they call it but you can always use snap if they stop providing update.

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I agree that they’re just not going to support Fedora and that doesn’t mean one can’t make it work, but it’s an unfortunately development for anyone looking for a “turnkey” solution…

I forgot snap was a thing. :wink: There’s also an unofficial flatpak, afaik.

The flatpak will work ootb with Fedora. Snaps, not so much.

haven’t used slack with alot of group or whatever they call it but you can always use snap if they stop providing update.

According to the offical EOS announcement, it seems like snap will also stop being updated:

If you’re using a Windows, Mac or Linux OS that has reached end of support, you’ll still be able to access Slack as long as you’re using a supported app version, but you won’t receive app updates. Slack won’t be available to download from the App Store, Microsoft Store or Snap.

Sounds like web-based and/or flatpak solutions are the best moving forward…

It’s weird. The RPM version is available on the Slack download page when accessing from Firefox on Fedora 35 now.

The RPM file that I downloaded from the link “DOWNLOAD .RPM (64-BIT)” on above page is slack-4.24.0-0.1.fc21.x86_64.rpm. The “fc21” is too old…

Perfect holup moment… hahaha


Slack has really followed the MS model. First, you could use them with any irc client. Then they broke that, though it can still be used with weechat using the wee_slack plugin. They seem to get worse and worse, but as most companies use Windows, they get away with it. I hope that some other company comes along and is as nice as Slack pretended to be, allowing irc clients and so on, without tying you to their bloated apps. Right now, all I can say is try to get your company to use something less Microsoft-ish.