Since installing Fedora 30 the touchscreen rotates but touch sense does not

Hi, I did post this on the old ‘Ask F’ - since I have installed Fedora 30 the touchscreen on my Intel ‘Baytrail’ based device works fine in portrait, however, rotate it to landscape the screen rotates fine but the touch sense remains in portrait.

When I was using F29 this functioned exceptionally well straight out of the box, is anyone able to point me in the right direction as to what I might need to changed in order to correct this?



In addition to this I have since discovered that this is an issue with Gnome 3.32.1 and I have been discussing the matter with a helpful dev on Gnome mutter. If anybody is interested in this here is a link to my conversation - Touchscreens without dimensions not mapped (#581) · Issues · GNOME / mutter · GitLab


I’ll answer this myself - I jumped to the Cinnamon version for a week or two and had great success with it and have now come back to Gnome and hay presto the glitch has now been fixed.

Thanks to the Devs.